Elwe pre-bio shave lotion flesjeeLWe pre-bio lotion stands for shaving, healing and a well-groomed look in 1, for him or her.

The lotion could be used for shaving, aftershave, bodylotion, shower gel and a massage lotion (without giving a pollen allergy reaction). And according to different reviews of users, eLWe pre-bio lotion has a healing effect by getting superficial skin abrasions and cuts.

eLWe pre-bio lotion is a biological lotion that is environmentally friendly and gives
excellent results. Besides, your razor has a longer lifetime due to the fact that each knife stays longer sharp.

eLWe pre-bio lotion has the following ingredients: coconut oil, tobacco plant, almond oil, avocado, frangipani flower, cocoa butter, Shea tree seeds, leaf green, steurine and sunflower seeds oil. Dimethicone is also added to prevent skin damage. eLWe pre-bio lotion consists mostly of natural ingredients, therefore you can use it unlimitedly. On each package you can find the complete list of ingredients.